Louloupti Original Unlimited



The First World Heritage Candygraphy

Louloupti Universal Art Action Unit Unlimited Edition

Artwork multiple ⌀ 9 cm x h 10 cm, boite dorée embossée en fer blanc, papier, sculptures consommables. Poids net : 150 g

There is magic in every can. It is a agent of dialogue. The can is designed for one or more art lovers, maintaining full cultural strength of the sharing. The name of the edition “Louloupti” highlights the affective power of the link there is between lovers, mothers and their children or between friends, because the added “ti” is both powerful and affectionate. The box can be kept close as a sculpture or offered during moments of celebration.

For each Candygraphy Can purchased containing LOULOUPTI ORIGINAL – consumables sculptures “Rose” flavor – you not only get a work of art to offer, consume or conserve, but you also participate in the protection and dissemination of heritage into the world. A percentage of 5% will be donated every year to transparent associations, to support art education and heritage protection in crisis or conflict zones. #WEARTCHANGE is a unique artistic initiative designed to meet the international challenge of valuing the world’s cultural heritage at risk

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Disponible en pack de 5 

Disponible en pack de 10