THE CANDYGRAPHY ART EDITION BOX was created in 2018 by artist Benjamin Loyauté supported by an appropriate goal targeting consideration of the cultural dimension. Launched at Paris’s Palais de la Porte Dorée National Museum during the Nuit Blanche 2018, we believe that the power of sharing and communicating through the arts transforms educations, especially for those who live without access to education.

OUR FIRST WORLD HERITAGE CANDY-SCULPTURE and our social business model benefit communities without access to cultural education and bring the power of highlighting and sharing Heritage and intangible cultural heritage.

Benjamin Loyauté, L’Expérience de l’Ordinaire, courtesy Rubis Mécénat cultural fund, 2018 – Ville de Paris 2018 © Palais de la Porte Dorée, Paris.


THE CANDYGRAPHY embraces the idea that Art and humble daily items such as candies provide the perfect means for us to share the universal power of Heritage. They enable us to tell our stories and to articulate our culture for the common good.

THE CANDYGRAPHY is an art project presenting an initiative related solidarity consciousness into a global and local economy, in favour of a social and united world. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED BY MEMORIES, HERITAGE AND HAPPINESS.

Sweets are universal and yet the memory they hold is intimate, which is why they are the perfect vehicle to contribute to a dialogue, highlighting the power of “INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE”.

THE CANDYGRAPHY is being indulged all over the world and it translates a will to question the necessity of sharing our vivid memory to build a connected future.


The shape of THE CANDYGRAPHY – Louloupti – draws its inspiration from the “eye idols”, the mysterious Mesopotamian archeological objects, rst discovered in 1937 by Max Mallowan, the husband of the world famous novelist Agatha Christie. The Louloupti rose flavoured candies are created from the highest quality ingredients possible, made in France; highlighting the Heritage of old traditional cooking skills. The universal aspect of CANDYGRAPHY is the notion of unification and the Louloupti are imbued with the potential to link people all around he world.

Eyes idols Stone-Sculptures ca. 3700–3500 B.C excavated at Tell Brak, Syria, by Max Mallowan © Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY


As #WEARTCHANGE founder, Benjamin Loyauté says, «Do you know that the accessible is often inaccessible, that the visible becomes invisible to us ? The small things, things of nothing, from ordinary life, all these most futile and simple things around us may have a invaluable value in our societies.»

CANDYGRAPHY keeps the past alive to build an shareable future. Sweets are universal and all the memory they hold is intense and intimate at the same time, which is why they are the perfect vehicle to contribute to highlight the power of “intangible cultural Heritage”. All of humanity is sharing through di erences.

THE FIRST WORLD HERITAGE CANDYGRAPHY box is a real a ordable piece of Art. A magical candy experience for sharing and connecting with everyone.